Push Back Racking Systems for Your Warehouse


Push back raking (or also known as pushback pallet raking) is a great pallet rack storage system which enables you to store pallets from 6 to 2 wide on either side of an aisle, thereby giving you a much higher storage capacity than any other types of pallet rack. It is also the perfect choice for storing goods that are subject to seasonal move as they do not get damaged or scratched. As compared to racks using wheels, this type of storage system has a very low installation cost.
If you are planning to purchase a pallet rack system, you should first determine the amount of space you need to store your products and the items you plan to store in the rack, read more at https://www.konstant.com/. Then you should make an estimation about the total weight of each individual unit. You also need to calculate the number of drawers you are going to need for storing your merchandise. The next step is to draw up a layout plan based on these measurements. You should decide whether or not you will go in for drive-in rack systems or if you would like to buy pallet racking.
Drive-in racks: These types of Push Back Rack are mounted on an enclosed rack that is supported by metal legs. A set of forklift trucks is required for installation. They can either be raised or lowered manually or by remote control. They can accommodate standard-sized pallets of load or can vary according to the height of the floor. There are also models that have an extra counter in the front to help you with extra storing space.
Pallet racking: A self-contained system, the pallet racking system consists of rollers or casters that are fitted to a fixed rack. The racking material is placed directly onto these wheels. The material can either be stacked on top of the wheels, or it can be sloughed onto the wheels after mounting. This type of push back racking offers smaller spaces than the drive-in units, but at a lower cost. It also allows you to install fewer aisles.
The most important advantage of this type of rack system is that forklift operators do not have to stand on the ground to unload the merchandise. Also, forklift operators do not have to climb over fences or ladders to get into the storage area. A major disadvantage of using forklift operators for loading and unloading is that the forklift operator usually has to stand on the ladder itself for several feet, and sometimes even for many floors, to access all areas of the warehouse. As a result, warehouses usually have a lot of unused space. Moreover, the forklift operator often has to wait for the forklift operator's return, as the forklifts usually only operate during daylight hours.
To select the best forklift rack that offers the best combination of features, you should evaluate your warehouse conditions first. Try to determine where you will install the push back racking system so that you will be able to maximize its benefits. Aside from choosing a rack system with high density, selectivity is also an important factor in this case. Selectivity simply refers to how large a unit you want to purchase. If you need a unit with five pallets, then you can purchase the same for your warehouse. 
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